Here are some common concerns and questions brought up by Parents / Caregivers:

This is ok! 6-12 month olds explore the world by putting everything in their mouths, and books are no exception.

Great! This is very common in 15-25 month olds. Often it is difficult for toddlers to sit still. Don't give up. Try again another time, another day. Even 5 minutes of being read to brings enormous benefit to your little one.

It's great that's she's trying! Turning pages is a milestone on the way. Other milestones to look for in the 12-18 month old are giving a parent a book to read, turning the upside-down book right side up, and pointing to pictures in a book.

Great question! Many families find a bedtime story a nice way to end the day and a good part of the bedtime routine, but if this doesn't work for your family, then by all means, find another time to read a story!! Consistency is more important than time of day. Your child benefits from being read to no matter if it's morning, noon or night! Be creative! Here are some ideas for reading times throughout a busy day:
- in waiting rooms
- in lines at post office, grocery store, department stores
- at the laundromat
- waiting for buses or trains or subways
- after school
- after a meal
- after a bath

Great news: YES!! Even 10 minutes every day can increase your child's vocabulary, reinforce the bond between you, and enhance your child's brain development. You don't even have to finish a whole book. What matters most is the quality of the interaction between you and your child while you are reading together: sitting together, sharing the book, turning the pages, pointing out pictures, asking questions, reading the story or talking about what's happening in your own words. If you can read to your little one for even 10 minutes every day, you're teaching him SO much!!

Wow, she's found a favorite book already!! Good for her! This is very encouraging and also typical behavior for this age group. Often preschool children love hearing the same story over and over, even on the same day or at the same bedtime! This is completely normal, wonderful, in fact. This means your child has really caught on the joy of reading and has identified stories and pictures that excite her and interest her. It's so important to keep the child engaged with the book, so it's better to read her the book that makes her happy rather than making her choose one that doesn't spark her joy. Take heart! Most likely, she'll find a new favorite soon.


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