Your Gift Changes Lives

Each child receives 10 brand new books between the ages of 6 months and 5 years, at their well visits. Your gift provides a lifetime of learning by putting these 10 new books in their hands.
"I didn't realize how much my son could get out of me reading to him; I thought he was too young to be read to. Now story time is our favorite time!"
- Mother of Jason, age 1
brand-new books prescribed each year
primary care doctors and nurse practitioners
young children in need served annually

October is National Reading Group Month!

Do you remember reading groups in elementary school? Often they had cute names like The Superstars or Pocketful of Sunshine... but whatever they were called, every day your teacher would read amazing stories, taking you to places you'd never been before. Reading groups exist even when school days are long gone - they morph into Book Clubs! How many of you belong to a book club- a virtual club online, or a book club through your work or neighborhood? The magic of reading brings people together. And guess what? You and your child can be a reading group!! Thanks to the research done on the vital importance of reading to your baby/toddler/preschooler, we know that children who are read to tend to do better in school, have larger vocabularies and are more verbal earlier. Through the Reach Out and Read program, children get 10 brand new books at their wellness visits with their pediatrician. What a great start to a home library! To celebrate National Reading Group Month, grab your child's favorite book and snuggle together and start your own reading group every night! Need some other inspiration? Check out this link to local story times!
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