Inspiring Stories

Guardian Angels

“Every time we start getting low on gently used books for our sick clinic visits and for siblings, a guardian angel steps in. An email from a local school doing a book drive, a call from RORGP with an offer to drop off dozens of boxes of books in their colorful van, a neighbor dropping off books on my front porch with a note tucked in on top stating ‘for your book program.’ These angels hover over our Reach Out and Read program, ensuring that EVERY child who walks out  through our doors, has a book in their hand, a guardian by their side.”

-Dan Taylor, pediatrician, North Philadelphia



Shelf of Books

“I can’t tell you how many times I have a very proud parent tell me about the shelf of books that they have for their infants or toddlers, all from Reach Out and Read!”

-Zia Gajary, pediatrician, West Philadelphia



I Can Read to YOU

“Every few months, at her well visits, I gave this little girl a book. We moved from board books with large pictures, to paper books with more words. And all my hopes for this child’s brain development, school readiness and love of reading were realized on her 5 year old well visit, when she excitedly received her last Reach Out and Read book and proudly proclaimed, ‘Watch, now I can read to YOU, Dr. Everly!!’ And she proceeded to read me the book I had given her, skipping not one word or page.”

-Dr. Everly, pediatrician, West Philadelphia



I Can Keep It!

“I remember one visit, one little boy was so stunned that he got to take this book with him; he
looked at me and said: ‘I can keep it? Mom, I can keep it!’ He was simply overjoyed and his
mother told us how much he loves to be read to.”




Story Time

“I didn’t realize how much my son could get out of me reading to him. I thought he was too
young to be read to – now story time is our favorite time.”

-Mother of Jason, age 1



17 Years of Joy

“I have been a Reach Out and Read provider since my residency… in these 17 years, little
makes me happier than seeing the joy in these children’s eyes when I put the book in their