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Tips and Links

Recognizing key milestones and choosing age-appropriate books can enhance and enrich reading aloud for both parent and child.

Here are some great resources to help you make the most of reading to your child.

Does your baby just seem to want to chew on his book?

That’s normal. Here’s how reading to your child will change and grow over the next three years.

Developmental Milestones (PDF) – English  Spanish  Chinese Vietnamese

Does your toddler wriggle free after only a few minutes of storytime?

A few minutes is OK – here are some tips on making the most of this special time.

Tips on Reading (PDF)

Not sure which books will best stimulate your curious preschooler?

Check out our Choosing the Right Book guide and learn what to look for when choosing books for young children.

Choosing the Right Books (PDF)

Heading to the library?

Reach Out and Read’s Annotated Book List offers suggested titles for young children and the parents that read to them!

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“The Reach Out and Read Program gets children ready to read and parents like me wanting to read. From birth, my son loved to hear me read books to him. Now he is an active two-year-old who can never get enough of reading. With a new book at every well visit, he always has a book to read.”

— A Reach Out and Read Greater Philadelphia Parent