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Our Supporters

Reach Out and Read relies on the financial support of our committed individual, corporate and foundation partners. Your generosity allows us to put new quality books into the hands of the young children who need them most. Thank you for your support!

Adrienne Borten
Allan and Margaret Walters
Amy Ellen Hirsch and Jessica M. Robbins
Andrea Winslow
Andrew Fearon and Andrea Cakars
Anne Friedman and David Christy
Barbara and William Dowdall
Barrie and Martin Litzky
Beatrice Acker
Brad and Mia Aronson
BSJ Foundation
Burton S. Froom Jr. and Louise Marie Lisi
Carl and Joanne Hudson
Celia Paul and Stephen Rosen
Christa and Fawzi Habboushe
Christine Santoro
Christine Ware
Christopher and Julie Schulz
David and Nicole Kaufman
Deborah Hoellein
Deborah Thomas and John Jackson
Debra Ward
Donna Cohen
Dr. Karen Rendulich
Duncan and Kelly Hudson
E. Moghadam, MD
Edward and Angelica Sides
Edward Sorkin
Elizabeth Brannon and Michael Platt
Emilio Sanchez
Fredarica Friedman
Friends School Haverford
Gail Wolson
Gayle E Koster
George and Catherine Mattingly
George and Iris Fearon
George Chacko and Blessy Methikalam
Guev Shing Liu
I.L. Cohen Foundation
James and Michelle Schultz
Jane Keil Koppelman
Jennifer Jung-Wuk Lee and Brian Rider
Jerold and Jeanne Danis
Joanne Jordan
John and Carolyn Hewson
Jonathan Hudson
Joshua and Carolynne Kayser
Joshua and Stephanie Wolson
K. Zur
K. Zur/Arielle Biron
Kahn Family
Karen Trabulsi
Karin Sorkin
Kate Mattingly
Kathleen Fitzgerald
Kathryne Foote
Laura Swan and Stephen O’Hanlon
Laura Wolson
Madeline Griffin
Marilyn Mattingly
Marni Fogelson and Joseph Teel
Michael and Heather Frattone
Michael Criss
Misha Rosenberg and Anna Wulick
Mitchell Orenstein and Martine Haas
Otto Haas Charitable Trust
Patricia Kelly
Patti Boyle
Paul and Jane Mattingly
Penn Medicine, University of Penn Health System – Grants Foundation
Robert A. Clark
Robert F and Barbara A Lisi
Robert Manning
Robert Prischak and David Acker
Selamawit Gilagaber and Brooke Behmke
Soroptimist International of Cape May County NJ
Stephanie and Charles Moleski
Stephen and Helaine Leitzell
Steve Zohn
Susan G Beetle
Susan Starr
Susan Wenger Robbins
Unitarian Society of Germantown
Virginia Friedman
Waffles Wedges
Yi Yu